euphoria again is JFK from SLC

Anonymous: what does it take to get signed to orchid tapes?


deep and thorough inner brokenness

Anonymous: at the end of shadows song, what audio clip is that from? where it says "how are you? bad? why?" always intrigued me....



It’s from a cassette inside of a hand-held tape recorder that Mat Cothran left at my house after an Orchid Tapes showcase, I think he said he was like 15 when he recorded it.

Yea I used to record conversations with myself like a lunatic.

Anonymous: I just had the best cum of my life and now I'm listening to ur music



bless the honest hands. keep it real anon

Anonymous: What's it like to jam out with Alex mother fucking G?


Same way it feels to do anything else in my life that’s cool and everyone else doesn’t get to do.

Hell ye

euphoria again - September